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Rated 4,7 out of 5
4,7 out of 5 stars (based on 258 reviews)
Very good4%


Rated 1,0 out of 5

I’ve had to change my review as i did not want to jeopardise the appointment i had scheduled for the 13th and i was asked a few times to leave a review.

I didn’t get any PRP treatment that i was told i would get, I was given a date for PRP, I booked the time off work, then I was ignored by Kevin, obviously i didn’t get the PRP. I’ve been trying to get my second appointment for over 7 months. I was offered the 13 July, for it to be cancelled on the 09th july due to there being a need for two paying clients on the day, in order for me to have my second appointment.

The treatment I received was good, however, I have a badly uneven hair line, again, still not sorted.

The communication has been terrible and most of the time I’ve been ignored. Getting my second, top up appointment is showing to be impossible. I wish I had gone to Turkey.

I will be logging a claim with the courts to retrieve a refund. Do not use this company

rob bates

I recently had a hair transplant…

Rated 4,0 out of 5

I recently had a hair transplant operation at Harley Street Hair Transplants and wanted to share my experience.

My initial discussion about the procedure and aftercare was conducted over the phone with Kevin, who provided a fair amount of detail. However, I did not have a consultation with the doctor in advance.

A week before the scheduled operation, I was informed it would be delayed by two weeks. Additionally, I was advised to stop taking finasteride a week before the procedure, though on the day of the operation, the doctor informed me this was unnecessary.

Fortunately, I was able to keep most of my hair on top longer, with only the back and a small strip at the front clipped short. The suggested hairline was much straighter than I had anticipated.

The anaesthetic injections were painful but quick. The doctor performed all the incisions in the recipient area first, and the remainder of the procedure was handled by the nurse. There was no pain during this part, and it was reasonably comfortable, though hearing the crunching sounds during the incisions was unsettling.

The day after the operation, things seemed fine. Over the next few days, I experienced swelling in my forehead and above my ears, which was worse than expected but subsided after a few days. I took two weeks off work, which allowed sufficient time for the scabs to heal and for some hair growth to return at the back of my head. The recipient area showed dense coverage, though the donor area appeared somewhat patchy. The recipient area remained very red, but my original hair was long enough to cover it. I also got a haircut to blend in the back and sides.

After about four weeks, the transplanted hairs shed, which I was told is normal and that they will grow back. At six weeks, the donor area is still a bit red and it’s obvious that I’ve had an operation, but I can cover it with my existing hair.

Overall, it seems like a successful procedure, even though I haven’t seen much new hair growth yet. I look forward to seeing the final results in the coming months.

B. London

3 months post op

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Its been 3 months since i had my first procedure done for my hair transplant , the results are amazing , big thanks to kevin and dr kalra for making me happy , hopefully after new years i will be going back to get my last procedure done , they have done a excellent job!

Mem K

Transplant wasn't a success - Difficult company to deal with

Rated 1,0 out of 5

Received a transplant December 2022 from Dr Kalra, the transplant didn’t improve my hair coverage as much as it should’ve. The transplant date was also changed a few days before.

I was given no aftercare whatsoever, even after messaging Kevin I was just ignored. My contract also had a prp treatment that was never delivered.

February 2024:

After posting a negative review I was immediately contacted by both Kevin and Dr Kalra to fix the situation.

Unbeknownst to me, the company I signed a contract with wasn’t the company who did the transplant, I was transferred to a different company owned by Kevin, this feels very shady.

I was offered a free transplant to fix the issue, which I accepted and removed the negative review as they were trying to fix the situation.

1 week before the surgery I’m told I need to pay £1000 to have it done, after repeatedly being told it’d get it fixed for free. Kevin then starts ghosting my messages on the situation.

My advice would be think hard about which company to go with, contact surgeons directly rather than bookers/middlemen.

Chris Stevenson

I got a £1000 refund to remove my…

Rated 1,0 out of 5

I got a £1000 refund to remove my review, still lost £500. Reposting as i see Kevin is still slippery as… here’s the original



2 reviews

Updated Feb 24, 2024

Avoid at all costs

Appointment booked for 24/2 but got a message on 21/2 that it had been cancelled. I was asked if i could do 25/2 and at 14:12pm on 21/2 i said that i could. However, i realised literally a few hours later that i couldn’t make it as my husband was away and there’d be nobody to look after the dog. I messaged immediately to let them know. They responded to say that 25/2 was the only appointment available. Their pre op advice says to not take finasteride or minoxidil for 7 days before surgery so, as l’d already missed a couple of days, i took a double dose. They then messaged to say they may be able to do 24/2 but i explained I’d already taken the meds their own medical advice said should not be taken.

So AGAINST THEIR OWN MEDICAL ADVICE, so as not to lose the business, they said it wouldn’t be an issue!!! Now being very wary of them i asked for a refund… my god!!! Series of aggressive and accusatory voice messages.

Unbelievable. Now they won’t refund my

£1500. Disgusting.

– so their reply misses the point… i told them immediately when I realised i couldn’t make 25/2. Also, his comment ”my meds are none of your business”. That came from him accusing me of lying about taking minoxidil and finasteride!!! Refer to my previous comments re aggressive and accusatory. Also, they have at least one other profile on trust pilot where all

@ trustpilot.com

That was my original review, it didn’t include that he promises refunds which never materialise… I’ll quite happily post the WhatsApp messages if he calls me a liar….

To his point that i said i would delete my post for £1000, liar!!! Here’s the WhatsApp to prove it…

We agreed to move over to 25th February that’s the issue – this is very difficult.

“Kindly remove the review and I will refund you £1000 out of my pocket in 21 days. This is the best I can do.”

Wow, so he’s copied later conversations, he offered the refund if i removed my comment then guess what, it never materialised! This is an excellent example of how slippery he is. And btw he’s already tried to get this review removed but they’ve refused as its completely 100% truthful.

Rachael Towner


Rated 1,0 out of 5


They got my last review taken down so Here we go again. I had a terrible hair transplant at their liverpool surgery in january of 2023. Having agreed to re-book my 2nd transplant for no extra cost to correct my previous transplant Kevin Quest pulled his usual stunt of cancelling the day before . I then reluctantly agreed on a £1500 refund & he’s chronically messed me around ever since showing absolutely no intention of paying me making al sorts of comical excuses. If you read the other reviews on here you’ll see this is his usual tactic . If you take the time to research his name you’ll find he has a history of stealing peoples money & botched hair transplants . If this review can save just one person from what i & others have had to deal with it will be worth it. Please also be aware he is buying leads from a chap named yannis from an almost identically named company on here which he readily admits to in the reviews on here . My assumption is that their fully in cahoots & using 2 separate companies to deflect, confuse & defer any unhappy customers.


Really happy with my transplant and now…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Really happy with my transplant and now booked in for my top up. Good experience and Kevin has been really helpful. If you’re thinking of doing it but are unsure, you won’t regret it


I paid Harley Street Hair Transplants…

Rated 1,0 out of 5

I paid Harley Street Hair Transplants over 6 months ago. The surgery has been booked and cancelled on three separate occasions for a range of excuses/ reasons, often at the very last minute after I had booked annual leave and made childcare arrangements.

After the first cancellation I was promised a partial refund – this was 5 months ago and still hasn’t been received.

Following the second cancellation I was promised another partial refund. This was at the end of April. For some reason it was going to take 20 working days to process. 20 working days passed, and the refund still had not been received.

Following the latest cancellation Kevin sent another email with a schedule for my refund. £1000 was supposed to be with me by 10 June. It still has not been received.

The fact the company doesn’t have even £1000 available to refund me is very concerning. I paid the full amount months ago and have not had the surgery so where is my money? It hasn’t been spent on my surgery that’s for sure as it still has not happened.

I have been incredibly patient and understanding throughout but frankly my patience is exhausted following Kevin’s continuous excuses and frankly not delivering anything that he said he would.

Luke Morris

My name is Peter

Rated 5,0 out of 5

My name is Peter, I got my hair transplant on January 2004 happy with the results but I contacted Kevin And told him that the crown was not growing at all like the rest of my hair has Kevin has Arranged for me to go to Newcastle again and he’s paying for this to be done. Like he promised me he hasn’t gone back on his word. He is very trustworthy honest person I’ve ever met and Now have a date booked in the Clinic To get my crown done Newcastle, all paid for free of charge thank you Kevin I will recommend him to family and friends


Dr Kalra wants best results "ALWAYS"

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Dr Kalra wants best results ”ALWAYS”

2nd procedure just 2 days ago. Dr Kalra was lead surgeon again. The 1st procedure was completed November 2022. This went well and results were good, but just wanted both previously receeding frontal areas topped up for more density. This time I travelled down to Newcastle for my surgery. This was at the Wimpole Clinic in Ponteland. Beautiful place inside and out. Far better set up and facilities than my previous surgery at South Gyle Edinburgh. Flicking through music channels on large TV during surgery. Staff all very professional, made me feel very welcome and relaxed. After the 3 hour procedure, I was given various medical supplies (savlon etc) and detailed aftercare instruction sheets to take home. Having an amazing hairline, looking and feeling so much younger simply changes your life for the better. This was the best 5k I’ve ever spent.

James Scotland

Really good results.

Rated 5,0 out of 5

So far so good, had my first transplant just over a year ago, and so far the results have been amazing, I’m booked in for my second appointment next month, as I literally had no hair on the top of my head and as promised, the second transplant is also within the agreed price I paid, so no hidden extras.

The initial injections were a little painful, but the final results will be well worth it, and as many people have said, the first transplant has made me look 10 years younger, so I can’t wait for the results after the second.

Thank you Kevin and Dr Kalra.

rob bates

7 Months After!

Rated 5,0 out of 5

7 months later and I’m still so happy and impressed by the procedure! My hair came in fantastically + it looks so natural that everyone is shocked when I tell them that I had a hair transplant. I really have been recommending this for anyone who is interested in the procedure.

Peter Kendall

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